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Goals, Measurements and testing

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6-minute walk distance

Moderate to strong correlations exist (r=0.56 to r=0.88) between the 6MWT distance and peak VO2 obtained by maximal exercise testing33, 34. From,those%20with%20chronic%20diseases%2047. 

ndisturbed 30-m indoor, level, hospital corridor. T

A calculator that matches you to age ,s ex, wirght and ditance

6 Minute Walk Distance from  on 3/24/2021
** All calculations should be rechecked by clinician prior to use **

2186  feet
Expected 6 Minute Walk Distance for healthy patient

105 %
Percentage of expected distance for healthy patient

1684  feet
Lower limit of normal

Sex —> 0 = Male
Height —> 75 in
Age —> 58 years
Weight —> 220 lbs
Distance walked —> 2300 ft

Illinois Change of Direction Test (ILL): The ILL is set up with four markers forming a rectangular area of 9.3 × 7.2 m (ICC 0.8-0.9; Hachana, 2014). The start and the finish gates were positioned at two consecutive angles of the rectangular area, and two markers were positioned on the opposite side to indicate the two turning points. A further four markers were placed in the center at an equal distance apart (3.1 m). From the start gate, the participant had to run as quickly as possible following a planned direction, performing a slalom through the markers, without knocking or cutting across them. Therefore, on command, from a standing position, each athlete sprinted 9.3 m and then returned to the starting line; they then had to swerve in and out of the markers; they then completed another sprint of 9.3 m; and finally, they completed the test by passing through the finish gate. When each participant went through the finish gate, the time was recorded by software, which measured the time spent between the start gate and finish gate photocell detections (Microgate, Bolzano, Italy), and thus the test was complete (Figure 2B). If a subject failed to complete the test, the trial was stopped and re-attempted after the required recovery period. The best time of three attempts was recorded as the ILL score. ILL therefore represented the time used to complete the Illinois test.


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Published online 2020 Feb 24.

PMCID: PMC7039027

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Isoinertial Eccentric-Overload Training in Young Soccer Players: Effects on Strength, Sprint, Change of Direction, Agility and Soccer Shooting Precision

Giovanni Fiorilli,1,*

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