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Bike Injury and Pain: How to Diagnose and Fix


1] Chicken neck is when the head is forward of the shoulders and chest


[2] By strengthening the back muscle this will pull back the head so it is in a more balanced position. This is best done initially with  a qualified pilates instructor, physical therapist or chiropractor


[3] Ergon hand grips are one choice


[4] The pronater Teres is a muscle in the upper forearm which has been shown to be the site were the median nerve gets squashed 91% of the time, most people diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome have this squeezing of the median nerve by the pronater teres muscle not the carpal tunnel


[5] Active Release Techniques® is the gold standard in soft tissue treatment. It is done primarily by chiropractors and physical therapists. The goal is to break up adhesions/scar tissue in all soft tissues. Soft tissues include muscles, ligaments, tendons, joint capsules, nerve sheaths and fascia. The breaking up of the scar tissue/adhesions will increase strength, flexibility, range of motion and this will decrease pain.


[6] The seat should be adjusted so that when your foot is at at the bottom on the stroke there is a slight bend in the knee and your pelvis is not wobbling.


[7] Iliotibial band (ITB) is a band of fascia that runs down the side of the upper leg (femur) over your pants seam. It controls the knee cap alignment and mechanics of the knee joint.


[8] The patella tendon connects the knee cap to lower leg bone(tibia)


[9] Releasing of the Tissue is best accomplish using Active Release Techniques® you can also release the ITB and with a foam roller and the feet with a golf ball


[10] Of the shelf supports from companies like super feet and sole are great first choices. If these do not help then have a chiropractor or podiatrist make you a custom  pair.


[11] Posting is putting a wedge under the inside or outside of the foot so that the forces are shifted.

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