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What to do about Low back pain
  • The best way to treat it

  • The best way to figure out what is wrong

Ideal alignment and powerhouse
Safe Hamstring Stretch for low back pain
Doggy Pointer exercise
  • One of the best exercises for low Back injuries

  • Has extensive research

  • Is part of the magic 3 from Stewart Mcgill Phd

Spread the earth
  • Lower extremity injury rehabilitation

  • Gluteus medius activation

Lower extremity Rehabilitation
  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Calf Injury

  • Achilles tendon

Patent forms

Pateint Forms
Intake Questionnaire
24 hour notice
Great Products

This is the ice pack that I recommend. It is very comfortable, can be molded around your body and long lasting. I tried the blue chattanooga ice pack and it only lasted 1 year.  This is the industrial strength one and should last a long time and  can be used on different body parts.

Foot stuff

Toe Pro

ice pack pac.jpg
Benefitting from the Technology of the Olympic Training Center
Squaw Valley Ski Patrol Injury Prevention
  • Video

  • Slides handouts

  • Summary sheet with links

  • Blog post

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