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IT Band or Iliotibal band review of bodywork

IT Band info and rolling/releasing tips

  • The It band goes from just below the knee to the top of the hip on the side of the leg, roll the whole thing. As a way to get there you can start by rolling back and forth on the very tender spots and then as you improve do longer strokes. The band does come more to the front then the back


  • The width of the roller determines the amount of pressure i.e. larger diameter less pressure. This does not mean a rolling pin is better. The typical roll of 6 inches is good but you can get away with other diameters. In regards to length, I like the 36 inch roll because you can use it to do many other rehab exercises

  • The material that roller is made of is generally foam and there are 4 different densities white being the most soft and black being the most dense. You can also use a 2-3 liter soda bottle or a soft plastic gallon container that windshield washer fluid comes in.

  • The position of the upper leg determines how much weight/pressure gets put on the structure as you get better you will be able to put more weight on the IT band. i.e. both legs straight. As opposed to bottom leg straight and top leg moving you back and forth, and lifting up a bit to decrease the force

  • Choosing a foam roller, you need to find one that is soft enough so that you can relax the muscle but not too soft. I generally have most people start with the white with the smooth surface like in the video. If I have someone that is sensitive  I have them start with pink.  There are generally 4 softness levels form gentlest to hardest, pink, white, blue and black. Also the texture has an effect on the depth we can go, smooth being the gentlest then grid and finally the most aggressive being the large points.

  • In regard to the calves I find that the lowest part of the calf, over the Achilles tendon which starts at the back of the heel and goes up 6-8 inches from there, you can use more pressure so I have them cross/stack the legs and with most of the body weight on that spot. In the meat of the calf most need less pressure so i have them unstack and place foot on ground to modulate amount of pressure 

  • With hamstrings I again try and have them stack.

  • When it comes to the starting in glute area.  After foam rolling on the ground. I like to have them stand and use the wall to start. The reason being this position lets them adjust how much pressure they apply by adjusting how far the feet are away from the wall and find that this lets them have more control over ball. I find these tips to increase release compliance

  • We find this essential for IT band pain, knee pain, hip pain, as a contributing factor in back and foot problems

  • Best to roll when the body is warm

  • Do not roll if your knee is not stable i.e. recent injury

  • We also find Active Release Techniques very helpful

  • Generally most stretches for the IT band are hard to do well



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