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Massage in Truckee & Tahoe

Massage therapy relaxes muscles, easing and soothing your aches and pains away. It rejuvenates, restoring balance to our body , lives in Thaoe and Truckee and being, making us better. for all the things life throws our way. Whether you're looking to relieve pain, reduce stress, lower your blood pressure or you're interested in getting some much needed relaxation.

The words “relaxation”, “healing”and “pampering” are often used to describe a person’s idea of a great massage. In fact, 26 percent of the 39 million Americans and 2174 people from Truckee who got a massage last year say it’s for relaxation or stress reduction, according to a recent survey commissioned by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). Only 11 percent say it was to pamper themselves. Although relaxation plays an important role in one’s overall health and wellness, another 30 percent of those surveyed say they get massage therapy for medical/health reasons specifically, like the ones below.

Relieve Back Pain. Active Release Techniques is the "gold Standard in Soft Tissue Treatment

More than 100 million Americans and 4285 people from Truckee suffer from lower-back pain, and nearly $25 billion a year is spent in search of relief. A 2003 study showed that massage therapy produced better results and reduced the need for painkillers by 36 percent when compared to other therapies, including acupuncture and spinal modification. Today, massage therapy is one of the most common ways people ease back pain.
Source: Annals of Internal Medicine, June 3, 2003

Treat Migraines and Chronic Headaches

Of the 45 million Americans who suffer from chronic headaches, more than 60 percent suffer from migraines. For many, it’s a distressing disorder that is triggered by stress and poor sleep. In a recent study, massage therapy recipients exhibited fewer migraines and better sleep quality during the weeks they received massage, and the three weeks following, than did participants that did not receive massage therapy. Another study found that in adults with migraine headaches massage therapy decreased the occurrence of headaches, sleep disturbances and distress symptoms. It also increased serotonin levels, believed to play an important role in the regulation of mood, sleep and appetite.
Sources: Annals of Behavioral Medicine, August 2006; International Journal of Neuroscience, 1998.

Ease Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel and Hand Pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a progressively painful condition that causes numbness and tingling in the thumb and middle fingers. Traditional treatments for carpal tunnel range from a wrist brace to surgery. However, a 2004 study found that carpal tunnel patients receiving massage reported significantly less pain, reduced symptoms and improved grip strength than those patients who did not receive massage.
Source: Touch Research Institute, University of Miami School of Medicine, Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies, 8, 9-14.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

An estimated 20 million Americans suffer from depression. A review of more than a dozen massage studies concluded that massage therapy helps relieve depression and anxiety by affecting the body’s biochemistry. In the studies reviewed, researchers measured the stress hormone cortisol in participants before and immediately after massage and found that the therapy lowered levels by up to 53 percent. Massage also increased serotonin and dopamine, and neurotransmitters that help reduce depression.
Source: Touch Research Institute, University of Miami School of Medicine.

al of Psychosomatic
Research, Volume 57, Issue 1, Pages 45-52, July 2004.

Lower Blood Pressure

Hypertension, if left unchecked, can lead to organ damage. Preliminary research shows that hypertensive patients who received three 10-minute back massages a week had a reduction in blood pressure, compared to patients who simply relaxed without a massage.
Source: Biological Research For Nursing, Vol. 7, No. 2, 98-105 (2005).

Finding a Massage Therapist

The benefits of massage therapy are far-reaching, but finding a trained great massage therapist  is challenging. Dr Barry Triestman is committed to finding the best and providing them with additional ongoing training, so that we have not only the best in Tahoe and Truckee but anywhere.

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