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  • Traditional chiropractic care i.e. Spinal manipulation aka an adjustment. This a well researched , safe, cost effective approach to back pain. Often reducing the need for long-term use of prescription medications and their side effects. X-rays or blood work can be ordered if necessary. Dr. Triestman generally does not need x-rays to treat a patient. Unless you have certain red flags that indicate a condition that is not caused by a  musculoskeletal problem  but something like cancer or infection. Which he can rule out.

What type of care is best for me?

  • Physical therapy aka physical therapist or rehabilitation. They are the exercise experts but Dr. Triestman has studied with the best physical therapists and is able to incorporate this into your care. If you are post surgery they are the experts. Sometimes you need a referral from your M.D. or chiropractor to get reimbursed for their care.

  • Exercise physiologist or athletic trainer or personnel trainer Dr . Triestman Uses state of the art rehabilitation exercise and emphasizes patient independence and return to function.  There expertise is in exercise performance

  • Regular medical doctor Aka internist or family practitioner. If you are in an enormous amount of pain and want drugs like pain killers, anti inflammatories and muscle relaxants then this a good route. If you want safer natural remedies like herbs, vitamins and reflex techniques to lessen the spasm and pain then Dr. Triestman can provide these or suggest where to get them.

  • Orthopedic surgeons the best person to see if you have broken a bone or have had a big trauma

  • Neurologist if you think you have a nerve disorder like MS(multiple sclerosis), Parkinson's or ALA(Lou Gehrig disease)

  • Physiatrists aka physical medicine specialist if other forms of conservative care have not helped and an injection of steroids PRP, or other pain killers are called for.

  • Neuro-surgeon if conservative care has failed and a spinal surgery is called for.

  • Active Release Techniques is the "Gold Standard in Soft Tissue Treatment" Dr. Triestman is Master certified in this technique. So he can fix your muscles, tendon, joint capsules and nerve sheaths

  • Acupuncture is a safe choice if you are feeling out of balance and our care has not gotten you all the way to health.

  • Massage will help the muscles relax. Dr. Triestman and the Active Release Technique which is the “Gold standard in soft tissue treatment” are a powerful combination to help the muscles relax and reset, decreasing muscle, ligament, tendon and fascial tension

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