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All the rehabilitation exercises in Stop Back Pain University on video

Icing to Stop back pain

This is where your first aid should start

How to really heal your back

This is how you get long term results. Doing this will change the way you move and poor movement or improper biomechanics is how injure and re-injure our spine. This is  best way to really heal your back pain and get long term results.  Whether it be disc problems, sciatica, strain, muscle injury. These are the basics and they are not the big movements that everybody wants to do. You have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run. You have to figure out how to move and stabilize before you move and that is what I am doing here. Build this into your body and you will have a transformation. This is the most important thing you can do to heal your back.  Be able to do more and maybe all of what you used too! For more info

The Cat and cow to heal back pain

This video is part of the solution to heal your back pain. The importance of knowing where your spine is in space is paramount. Keeping the Lumbar spine in neutral position and being able to move the hips and thoracic spine is essential to be able to heal and prevent injuries to the spine like disk injuries, herniation and sciatica. This is a a great place to be after you understand the need to find the neutral position of the spine please see the previous video. This is a nice gentle exercise that has powerful effects. For more info

The big 3 to heal back pain

How to stop low back pain. These three exercises should be part of you arsenal to get rid of your back pain. Don't forget to ice. The first one is the best researched low back exercise and is a definite because it puts very low shear stress on your spine. The second 2 the bridge and side bridge are also part great and should be incorporated. These exercise are part of the big three by Stuart Mcgill  Phd. He is one of the preeminent researchers on stopping low back pain. and has been running a research program at the university at Waterloo for 30 years and has a team of other researchers that he leads.
 When doing the bridge the first find ideal alignment then stabilization and then make believe your squeezing a quarter in between your buttocks, then lift as if a rope was pulling you up from your pubic bone and driving from the heals. For more info

Safe hamstring stretches to heal back pain

The best ways to safely stretch your hamstrings. Especially if your back is irritated or you have an acute injury. Many people use the hurdlers stretch and touching toes like in a forward fold in yoga. These are dangerous especially when your spine is irritated or hurt.The hamstring door stretch which is the safest because of the use of the door and the floor to protect your spine.  The door gives you the ability to relax and not use any muscular effort. The strap also has the floor as protection but you have to use the arms to stretch the hamstrings. Both of these use the floor to keep your spine, disks and muscles protected.The strap stretch gives you the ability to fine tune and get deeper into the stretch when you are feeling less irritated.
The strap
More back info 

Mobilize the thoracic spine to heal back pain

This is a key movement and awareness to help heal low back. Due to the kinetic chain model( which means that everything is connected). That decreased movement in one area like the thoracic spine puts a large amount of force into an adjacent area, the lumbar spine. The added force cause the disc to fall apart or in technical terms delaminate. The better we are a aware the faster we can control and then heal the body For more info 

The squat to heal back pain

The squat is one of the key movements that we do and is therefore very important in the treatment of back pain. We do it hundreds of times every day ,we get up and down from chairs, we get up and down from the toilet bowl, we get in and out of our car. These mechanics that we do when we do the squat are super important, If we do not maintain ideal positioning in the spine especially the lumbar spine we will cause damage.If we tend to round the back or flex the lumbar spine we will put added pressure on our spinal discs and this will cause initially a delamination of the spinal disc, leading to a disc bulge and eventually possibly leading to a disc herniation and all of the nasty things that go along with that. Like pain that goes into the back and then all the way down the leg, numbness, spasm of muscles, cramping, excruciating pain. So we first must find the neutral spine position and then use a biofeedback device to maintain the neutral spine as we move at the hips, knees and the ankles. When we master this we can remove the biofeedback device which is going to be a pole, a golf club, a broomstick or a piece of PVC pipe, will all work well. Will then just use our hands one hand front on the belly which will tell us if our core is engaged and the other hand in the small of the back over the lumbar spine which would tell us if we are maintaining that neutral spine position. Which will protect your spinal discs and therefore decreasing your chances of getting low back pain and leg pain. After we've mastered the use of the hands we can do these movements free-form.  I like for people to do three sets of 10 and then they have acquired sufficient strength. Before we are going to do something like lift or get out a chair.  We should a preparatory motion and this is where the third part of the squat lesson comes in where we place our hands on our legs and engage the core before we move and making sure that we have ideal alignment before we move and practices a few times and then do the activity that we were going to do in a safe, strong and powerful way. For more info 

Choose a back support

How to choose and use and a back supports

All the rehabilitation exercises in Stop Back Pain University on video


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