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Heading 4

  • atching treadmill speed to a similar speed at which an injured runner e

  • Cameras with higher frame rates (eg, ≥120 Hz) 

  • lateral view and a posterior view. 

  • Zoomed in view of the ankles

  • knees

  • hips

  • arms and torso

  • head and neck

  • Application of markers for identification of anatomic landmarks can be useful when performing a video-based running analysis. Ideally on skin but can be on tight running with only a small loss of accuracy. They should be placed on the landmarks are identified and marked: C7 spinous process, posterior superior iliac spines, anterior superior iliac spine, greater trochanter, lateral knee joint line, lateral malleolus, midpoint of the calf, superior and inferior portions of the heel shoe counter, and head of the fifth metatarsal.

  • Clothing considerations

  • First of all, make sure that your subject knows what kind of clothing and footwear to bring for the tests. Clothes should be form fitting so that they won’t slide or flap around as the subject walks. Also, the fewer items that the subject is comfortable wearing during the test, the more accurate your results will be. Elastic cycling shorts or underwear are good options. The type of footwear the subject should bring (running shoes, insoles, barefoot, etc.) depends on the goal of your project.

  • Make sure that the subject knows to avoid clothing and shoes with reflective accents if possible because the cameras could interpret them as extra markers. Also, if you will be collecting EMG data, subjects should be advised not to use any body lotions or creams as these can cause problems recording the EMG signals.

  • Warm up Studies have identified changes in kinematics deviating from normal running mechanics with treadmill running up to the initial 6 minutes.16 Therefore, an acclimation period of 6 to 10 minutes should be used when possible before evaluation. It is also important consider the nature of symptom provocation in an injured runner. If a runner experiences symptoms after a number of minutes or miles, it may be necessary to acquire video with the runner in a fatigued state, after a period of running and consistent with their symptom history.

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