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Effects of Scapular Stabilization Exercise Training on Scapular Kinematics, Disability, and Pain in Subacromial Impingement: A Randomized Controlled Trial




Elif Turgut

Participants in the control group followed a supervised 12- week exercise program consisting of strengthening (ie, rotator cuff strengthening) and stretching (ie, posterior shoulder, pectoralis minor, levator scapula, latissimus dorsi self-stretching exercises). Rotator cuff strengthening exercises included resisted shoulder internal rotation at 0 abduction, shoulder external rotation at 0 abduction, and full can. All resisted exercises were performed with elastic bandsb with red color-coded resistance levels, and progressed through green and blue bands. The exercise program was focused on low range (90) open kinetic chain rotator cuff exercises when the patient could perform 10 pain-free repetitions within a given resistance. The physiotherapist monitored exercise progression with weekly visits. To enhance compliance in both groups, participants received a brochure and exercise diary.

Electromyographic Evaluation of Early-Stage Shoulder Rehabilitation Exercises Following Rotator Cuff Repair

Peter K Edwards, PhD, Patrick Wai Hang Kwong, PhD, [...], and Jay R Ebert, PhD

Beginning shoulder rehab exercises description

Pictures from same paper

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