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10 things to ask/check before you buy firewood

  1. How dry is it. Ideally hardwood has been drying for 2 summers.

  2. These are the over the phone/email questions. I live an hour and half from the the place where hardwood is available and I drive down from Truckee, Ca.with a pick up. and trailer to get the wood.. Hardwood takes up less space for the same amount of heat production.(BTU). It also burns longer so when I wake up in the morning there are still is a nice pile of coals. I do burn pine if the hardwood is not dry enough to get the fire started. So I need these questions answered before I go to get the wood.

  3. When was it cut down i.e fell down 6 moths ago

  4. When was it cut into uniform pieces 16-18", sometimes you get weird shapes.and lengths that are too long to fit in your stove.

  5. When was it spilt?

  6. Where was and how was it stored . In a pile under some shade trees this make for a nice home for snakes or stacked and off the ground, nice and neat

  7. How is the access. Can you drive right up to it? Puling a trailer and easily turn around? When I went to get wood in Granite Bay. The women I talked to showed me pictures of a gate and measured it but I could not even get in to her driveway with the trailer. So we had to cart the wood 150 feet. The year before the wood was in pasture and I just pulled right up to it.

  8. Who can help me load it. You know you are in trouble when the helpers you are promised end up being a mature out of shape person and 12 year kid who wants to play video games.

  9. How much does it cost Locally dried, split hardwood costs 375.00 -500.00 a cord delivery is usually included but not stacking. You can get it near sacramento for 200.00 -300.00 a cord not delivered..

  10. How far is the nearest supply of day laborers.? In Truckee they are behind the 76 Station in Downtown. In the rest of California they are at the Home Depot and Lowes stores. Hope this helpful

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