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Variability a key to learning and making movements automatic

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

As we are trying to master a movement that is key for us to stay healthy and perform at our best their are some key motor learning principles that really hit home runs when it comes to performing better and Variability is it. So while doing an exercise add and subtract these.

  • We can vary the speed

  • Add or subtract a weight.

  • Add a stretch band to pull us in different directions, on the affected body part or another body part.

  • We can close the eyes, focus on an object or constantly move or visual focus from one object to another.

  • We can alter the direction we move our limb further out or closer in.

  • We can alter the pattern of movement from straight to curved or figure 8.

  • We change our mental focus, count back from a hundred by sevens.

  • Bounce or catch a ball, balance a pen, stick or ball in our hand.

  • Work on different surfaces, floor, dirt, gravel sand, thin foam thick foam,

  • Thick or thin shoes, barefoot

  • Play a video game

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