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The Bra and neck , back and shoulder health.

The importance of the Bra type, fit and physical activity has been glanced over for too long. Some stats

  • The Breast moves up and down 10,000 times during an hour of running. This could comparable to a repetitive micro-trauma.

  • Activities that cause more movement require more thought i.e. running vs. walking

  • Breasts can move 12cm( that's 4.7 inches) during each cycle.

  • A breast weighs

  • 85% of Athletes have an ill fitting Bra.

  • 50% of professional athletes have an ill fitting Bra.

  • The sports bra has only been around since the seventies. Was originally 2 Jock Straps sewn together and was called the "JockBra" For more history go this article.

The Bra has an effect on performance and should be treated as a piece of sports equipment.

  • Make sure the find a brand that fits YOU. There cup and strap sizes vary. This app will help you choose. If there are underwire supports make sure they sit on the breast bone and ribs.

2 great podcasts that talk about breast health and sports that are on the British Journal of sports medicine podcasts are AMSSM Sports Medcast on Sports Bras with Dr Katie Rizzone. Ep #486 and Let's exercise in comfort! Breast health and injuries with Deirdre McGhee. Ep #487

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