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What to do if you are an athlete and have an abdominal hernia or sports hernia

This case study article covers how to diagnosis and treat a sports hernia or abdominal hernia. It follow a professional athlete. It does have some technical info but the basics are there. Roll the tight muscles with an emphasis on the adductors ( those are the muscles on the inside of the thigh). Work the abdominal muscles also. The abdominal muscles are a bit harder to work and you may need some help. I would also work the hip flexors with an emphasis on the iliopsoas. While were at the least take a look at the spine with an emphasis on the Lumbar spinal muscles( which you can roll with a roller, ball or peanut ball). There are probably some bones out of alignment also so lets check that.

Then get a focus on powerhouse core awareness and control. Add use a biofeedback device to maintain ideal alignment with an emphasis lumbar position. It takes us through 3 different stages of rehabilitation. There are great pictures and a detailed descriptions of each. The use of pain scales is quite useful to guide progression and is applicable to all. This i

s great starting point to either avoid surgery or to prehab and rehab if surgery is done. You will also have a lot of knowledge so you can ask the good questions and get better information whether you see a chiropractor, physical therapist, medical doctor or surgeon.

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