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  • Dr.Barry Triestman D.C.

Important Concussion info for parents AKA What should I do if my child got his bell rung? Part 1

Obviously if you where at one of our local activity places whether it be a T.T.U.S.D. field, T.D.P.R.D. field, Martis camp or a ski hill and your child had a crash with another player an object like a tree or a rock or just the ground. You should immediately access your child if someone else doesn't. Use the Concussion Recognition Tool 5 (CRT5). This will help you decide if you need further help. If there was a medical professional like a chiropractor or medical doctor that is trained to access concussions they would use the 5th version of the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT) If there is a question about how your child is bring them to Tahoe Forest Hospital E.R. or other medical professional immediately.

There is also online training that you can get from the center for disease control that will help you access a concussion. They also have a helpful app for apple products and

One of the Key things to remember is helmet fit and that if some has a change in there hair length then the helmet need to be adjusted.

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