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  • Dr.Barry Triestman D.C.

Hypokensioexercitium (lack of movement/exercise that is a disease and a diagnosis that causes other

So, we have here a real diagnosis that is the cause or at least a significant contributor to disease. We are are talking about the biggies that kill people, arthreroscleroisis, heart disease, cancer, dementia, to name a few. It also causes/contributes to ones that don't kill us fast but slowly and the king of that is low back pain.

So picture this you or loved one walks into a doctors office and your given the diagnosis of hypokensioexerctium. You go oh shit I am in trouble, this sound serious, what am I going to do? Doctor tells you, walk 40 minutes, 5 times a week. Great 4 weeks later you don't have it anymore. In 6 months your other problems of immune system or cardiovascular system dysfunction have so much better there gone! It's a miracle!

A parallel situation you go to the doctor he gives you a diagnosis of high blood pressure or allergies puts you on some medications and 6 weeks latter the dosage needs to be increased. Then 6 months later you start to have a new symptom of tiredness. You back to the doctor and he gives you a new medication because you developed diabetes. All of these problems are caused by hypokensioexercitium. Who had the correct diagnosis?

Which diagnosis would motivate you more?

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