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Get back to sport and life faster with Game Ready

While I was at the Olympic Training Center doing my volunteer rotation in sports medicine

I learned about many advances in Sports medicine. One of those was the Game Ready, which is a tool to help you enhance your exercise recovery and also as a post injury and post surgery recovery tool. The Sports medicine center had several sets. These very popular with the Olympic athletes.

The Game ready has 2 parts; a computer they call “ACCEL® Technology (Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop)” that also holds the cold water and ice reservoir. The other part is a cuff.

Cold or cryotherapy helps reduce swelling and inflammation. They also have a contrasting model that incorporates cold with alternating heat. They can be connected to 17 different cuffs that fit every body part. The latest cuff addition is a full leg boot

that can help any leg injury or recovery. The Olympic Training center does not have this new model, so I only got to try the knee model that worked well. The computer also controls the sequential compression which helps to bring the lymphatic and inflammatory fluids away from the injured area so it can heal faster. It is similar to someone getting a lymphatic massage. You can control the duration and intensity of compression.

I also incorporated the Game Ready with legs up the wall pose.

I had several of the Olympic athletes try this and they confirmed my experience that this potentiated the effects of the Game ready on the leg.

There is research that the game ready provided a better post-op recovery and helped reduce the amount of pain medication taken. Which enabled them to stop taking meds sooner. Being able to use less medication will decrease the addiction problems that have become rampant.

Their website has great info. This includes how to videos. Links to published research. How to get our own unit. Whether your insurance may pay for it. How you can buy or rent a unit for your recovery. A searchable directory so you can find a medical provider or gym near you that has one.The closest to Truckee/Tahoe area is in Napa (180 miles away). I have recommended it to several patients and am thinking of getting one for the office.

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