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Getting Healthy with beans

Most of us need to eat more beans. There good for our heart, cancer prevention, normalizing blood sugar, gut health, detoxification and decreasing inflammation. Most of us will benefit from decreasing our inflammation. It might be a bit of stretch but maybe you could take less anti-inflammatory drugs and avoid some of there side effects and help your back pain.

The more different types of beans we eat the better. I usually whip up some hummus with some chick peas, garlic and olive oil and then dip in my carrots and celery in them. Or cook some lentils or with some indian food. Or black beans with mexican food. Here is al ow down from healthline, The 9 Healthiest Beans and Legumes You Can Eat. If you are trying to cut carbs and most of us should your best choice is soy and edamame. I like edamna with some Sambal Olek( a spice paste with hot peppers and garlic) and Lime. Here is a chart that has carb amounts of common beans.

The one legume you want to be careful with is peanuts. The reason that it is a problem is that the peanut butter most of us consume has added hydrogenated fat, sodium and sugar. So read the label on your peanut butter.

Chris Kimball formerly from America Test Kitchen but now from Milk kitchen has this in depth explanation of the science of cooking beans, Cooking Beans 101. He also has tips on how to decrease there bloating, farting and gas effect on our digestion. Here is info on how to start from dried beans which is the most economical method and maybe healthier then cans. Salty Soak for Beans. If your choice is either canned or none definitely choose canned. Most of us Truckee Tahoe and Reno area people eat to much salt(sodium) so wash your beans before cooking them and if you want more info read this from America test kitchen Does Rinsing Canned Beans Remove Sodium?

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