• Dr.Barry Triestman D.C.

Chiropractor in Truckee gets vaccinated

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

In a decision about the benefits and risks of getting vaccinated both for myself and the people I interact with I thought it was time to get vaccinated. I know there are certain chiropractors, acupuncturist and medical doctors that don't believe but its about science, data, risk and reward analysis not belief. I still think the power of innate intelligence and immunity are important and need to be nurtured so we do thrive. Please see this video https://youtu.be/a28huoSz48k Please see Dr Fauci talk about Vaccinations https://youtu.be/fLIkZRmqgjI?t=151

Watch him get vaccinated https://youtu.be/MIbAXM0YLvc

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