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Gain wisdom and learn to get healthy/better!

Updated: May 24, 2021

When most people are injured they lose the connection/control of the body. This causes the injury to stay in the body and not leave. The way to heal and get better is to gain control. I speak of this both as physical leaning and mental growth. When most people come in we need to see where they are in there awareness and control. Some are close to Masters but all need work. We will go through this journey as you learn about the body. Most are initially like the student in Kung-Fu television show from the 70"s. (it is corny show that I grew up watching that I love) and need lots of work.

As we go through the journey to better health, we master many levels of awareness and control eventually become the master. This happens with the idea that initially your not sure if you got it, too you think you got it, too I got this rock solid.

As Kwai Chang Caine becomes the master!

And some additional wisdom.

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